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A series of Web pages devoted to the DuMont Television Network, America's fourth television network which operated from 1946 to 1956. After searching for such a page for some time, the author decided to fill the void himself by creating a site devoted to DuMont. This was the first, and is still the largest, DuMont resource on the Internet.

This site was originally launched on February 5, 1999 as a one-page article on DuMont with a few links, and has since expanded to 26 pages. The author has kept this site "low-graphics" to minimize loading time, conserve Web space, and keep the site blind-friendly.

If you enjoy this Web site, please take a moment to E-mail the author with your comments, questions, suggestions, and contributions. The author is grateful for the response to this site since its inception over three years ago. Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

Site Updates

Thank you to K.M. Richards of Van Nuys, Calif., for contributing a comprehensive update of our “Trail of Bleached Bones,” beginning here. (May 2011)

Whenever changes are made, the author carefully goes through each page and corrects the hyperlinks. Please E-mail the author if any links have been missed or incorrectly directed to the wrong page, or if links are no longer working.


A Note on Spelling

We refer to the network and company as DuMont throughout this site, although it is clear from materials of the era that the preferred usage was Du Mont. The author was (and is) concerned that if the space were included, search engines would miss this site entirely. Few people include the space, and others write the name as Dumont, which was frowned on in the early years as well as by family and network alumni today. So, in deference to the search engines, and to Bruce DuMont's current usage of the family name, we will continue to refer to DuMont throughout these pages.

About the Author

Clarke Ingram has been in the broadcasting industry for more than 20 years as the Program Director and on-air personality for various radio stations, and most recently was Program Director and afternoon drive personality at a Pittsburgh radio station. In his spare time, Ingram collects videotapes of programs from the Golden Age of Television, and conducts research on the DuMont network. Please feel free to E-mail the author with your comments, questions, suggestions, and contributions.

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This is a non-profit Web site, and the author receives no compensation whatsoever from its publication or usage. Quotations from copyrighted works are excerpted in accordance with the "fair use" provisions of United States copyright laws. It is not the author's intention to violate or infringe upon existing copyrights, and all such works are referenced where excerpted. While the author has attempted to ensure the accuracy of the information on this Web site, it cannot be guaranteed, and any liability resulting from the use of such information, either in whole or in part, is expressly disclaimed. Any usage of this site constitutes acceptance of the above terms. The author welcomes links to this Web site, and would appreciate a notification via E-mail of such links. Please direct all correspondence to the author at the E-mail address listed.

Photo Credits

On this site, the author has made do with contributions from readers and a number of DuMont images from the Internet. Since the author is unsure of the origin of some of these images, please note that no disrespect of copyright is intended. Special thanks to fellow DuMont aficionado Frank Aden, Jr. for scanning pictures of every DuMont subject in sight (or perhaps "site").

Table of Contents: WGN-TV
Channel Two: Horatio Alger Awards
Channel Three: Chris Broyles, MBC
Channel Four: George Jacob, KDKA-TV
Channel Five: Captain Video, Amsterdam
Channel Six: KCC
Channel Seven: Frank Aden, Jr.
Channel Eight: Frank Aden, Jr.
Channel Nine: Fox Television
Channel Ten: RPI
Channel Eleven: Chris Broyles, MBC
Channel Twelve: The Forum
Channel Thirteen: Author's collection
Appendix One: Frank Aden, Jr.
Appendix Two: Frank Aden, Jr.
Appendix Three: Frank Aden, Jr.
Appendix Four:
Appendix Five: Frank Aden, Jr.
Appendix Six: WGN-TV
Appendix Seven: Frank Aden, Jr.
Appendix Eight: Frank Aden, Jr.
Appendix Nine: Frank Aden, Jr.
Appendix Ten: WNEP-TV
Appendix Eleven: Author's collection
Appendix Twelve: Author's collection
Appendix Thirteen: Author's collection

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